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What security software do you need?

Choose security software{{}}

Security software helps protect your business from spyware, viruses, malware, hackers and other nasties that are out to do harm.

But how do you choose between security packages? And what should you look for? We explain.

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Your email policy

Man sending email{{}}

It's important your employees know what is and is not acceptable when using email at work.

Explain things clearly with our sample email policy.

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What's on your intranet?

Your company intranet{{}}

Creating an intranet makes it easier for people in your business to find information and work together.

How to build an intranet >

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Free Zipcar for Business membership

Zipcar{{}}Get a free Zipcar membership and two hours free driving. Zipcar is the UK's largest pay-as-you-go car club, giving you access to wheels when you want them. Claim your offer

IT for Donuts

Donut with a bite taken{{}}

Our series helps you make sense of business IT in bite-size chunks.

If you're redesigning your website, you might need some inspiration. If you're working with a web designer or agency, they're likely to ask what sort of sites you like.

This week we help you:

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